With over ten years experience Craftsman Newbury Ltd offers a bespoke framing service by qualified talented professionals who are able to offer comprehensive guidance on most aspects of framing to help customers with invaluble information and advise on the best way to acheive a perfect result to ensure protection of the item. Years of experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to giving correct advise when framing items as diverse as cricket bats to persian rugs, shoes to matchboxes, oil and water-colour paintings to etchings,many of which are irreplaceable. All work is handled with the utmost care. Mouldings from all the major framing companies in the UK Ashworth and Thompson DJ Simons Arqadia Wessex Pictues and many many more, are offered. Free advise on conservation framing and restoration work is available, please contact us by phone or email for further enquiries.


Craftsman Newbury Ltd offers an extensive range of English and imported mouldings from all leading supplies. Following the world-wide concern for conservation of the world’s forests only mouldings sourced from forests that have an active re-forestation programme are used.





Float glass is used as standard. It is available in two, three and four millimeter gauge and can be clear or diffused (i.e. non-reflective). Glass cut to customers measurements is also available.


An ideal alternative to ordinary float glass. A completely colourless clear float glass offering outstanding colour reproduction. Also available as Reflection Control.

UV Glass

UV Clear glass is recommended for framing original art, limited prints and other valued work. Over time the ultraviolet rays can cause paper to become faded, discoloured and brittle causing irrevesible damage to artwork..